Purchasing procedures

Step 1. Consultation for purchasing


To do comparative analysis through booklets and internet for understanding price differences depending on brand, size and options.

Determining models and options

To select a model and choose a variety of options and designs for the model to suit your taste.

Purchase contract and payment

After making a purchase decision, fill out a contract and pay 30% of the down payment.

Step 2. Order progress

Placing an order

Producing takes 6 months to 1 year depending on model and size.

Intermediate check

If the order is made, check the progress continuously and pay 40% of the second payment when the engine is installed.


Checking additional requirements and pre-production sea test before confirming the transportation

Step 3. Delivery process


The shipping period is expected to be up to 1 month depending on the loading location. The transportation process is confirmed through 'BL'

Handing over

The final step of delivering the yacht is to unload the goods to the nearest port to the buyer. After unloading, to check the engine and other systems for operation status through the final sea test procedure.

System training

To provide training about the entire system and the operation of the yacht, and guarantees for After Service items and period.

Step 4. Follow-up services

Follow-up management

In the case of yachts with a high asset value, management is of the utmost importance factor. Depending on the way of management, the life of the yacht will be determined.