About Pearl

In November 1998, with Iain Smallridge as Managing Director, the first Pearl motor yacht was launched in Southampton - the Pearl 45. Over the next four years the Pearl 43 and Pearl 41 joined the range.

In January 2000 Pearl Motor Yachts relocated to Stratford-upon-Avon and in 2002 Tony Whittaker became the chairman. An engineer by profession and many years as a highly respected RYA instructor and boat owner, Tony and his wife Margaret brought with them the passion, knowledge and desire to take Pearl to the next level.. and beyond.

The new generation of Pearl Motor Yachts made waves in the industry, as renowned naval architect Bill Dixon came on board, joined by celebrated super yacht designer Evan Marshall and Production Director Paul Hannah. Together, this combination of highly regarded professionals with their individual experience and flair brought new levels of style, luxury and opulence to aft cabin motor cruisers. The Pearl 55 was the first in this ground-breaking new range, and became the star of the 2003 Southampton boat show.

The Pearl 60 appeared in 2005 and received similar acclaim from buyers and builders alike and the Pearl 50 bursts onto the scene at the 2006 Southampton boat show

Over the years, Pearl has established a dealer network representing the company in France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Mallorca, Cyprus, and the UK.

 Now in its 13th year, Pearl Motor Yachts is recognised as the fastest growing boat builder in the UK. The Pearl name has become synonymous with luxurious comfort and exhilarating performance. Our quality product has earned the company an enviable reputation as a first class builder of a range of multi-stateroom luxury motor yachts.

Pearl’s ability to provide personalised semi-customization gives them the ability to listen and respond to the needs of individual clients without the restrictions imposed by mass production. The resulting ‘limited editions’ serve to give Pearl boats some of the highest residual values in the industry.

It is the synergy of this flexibility, agility and empathy with clients, combined with decades of experience, and the ability to sustain high values in the used boat market that has made Pearl a force to be reckoned with.


Philosophy of Pearl

The Pearl name has become synonymous with luxurious comfort and exhilarating performance. Interior designers and skilled craftsmen combine the finest materials and the most intelligent features to create a hand-crafted yacht of the very finest quality. It is this unique synergy that has earned Pearl an enviable reputation as a first class builder of a range of multi-stateroom luxury motor yachts.

Effortless Power, Thoughtful Design, Exhilarating Performance

Our commitment to new standards of sophistication and style mean that 

every Pearl is as unique and individual as its owner.

Pearl's Core Values

Some companies focus on innovation and aren’t too concerned with quality. Others attempt practicality and forget style. Our core values illustrate our commitment to practicality, stylish elegance, total quality and advanced innovation. 

 Pearl clients are cost-conscious yet discerning and share our passion for excellence. 

 Pearl clients require a degree of customisation and personal attention more consistent with the super-yacht than the mass production market.

-   We aim to combine art, technology and user-friendly practicality and in this way provide our clients with the best cruising solutions possible.

-   We are dedicated to a continuous development of tangible benefits that exceed our clients’ expectations.

-   We value suggestions for improvements from our workforce, associates and clients and will always consider these carefully and with an open mind.

Client Appreciation

-   We react and customise according to their requirements and needs and within their budget.

-   We aim to deliver the highest attainable quality, service and support. Customer feedback is encouraged and welcomed. 

-   We actively solicit our clients’ comments and suggestions to enable us to continuously improve.

Pearl Culture

-   We proactively respond to market needs and changes and view them as exciting opportunities rather than threats or inconveniences.

-   We aim to raise our customers’ awareness to the possibilities available to them rather than the mere probabilities of a static industry.

-   Innovation is one of the keys to our economic growth.

-   We value individual competence and teamwork and embrace the concept that the responsibility for a superior product lies with us all.