Jayons Partners, located in the heart of Gangnam, Seoul is a boutique investment company. Our expertise is in adding value to the undervalued and originating opportunistic investments. 

 We mainly invest in real esate – both residential and commerical as well as funding development projects and providing asset management. We also focus on investing in undervalued companies (in both private and public markets) as well as kickstarting promising start-ups. We also have a satellite office in London to find opportunities in Europe. 


Jayons Partners is not afraid to invest in creative industries without restrictions on fields such as real estate, cultural contents, tourism & leisure, and fashion business.


1. Progression - Progressive spirit leads opportunities

We will provide investment opportunity for many more investors by constantly researching items and businesses with high investment value.

2. Customer Value - Customer Value for growing up together

We will make a successful investment and develop with our customers in order to further improve the quality of our customers' life.

3. Problem Solving in Creativity - Solving the unsolvable problem

Through creative thinking, we will be the market leader by solving problems that others cannot solve. 

4.  Integrity - Being honest and having strong moral principles

We will conduct and maintain ourselves at the highest ethical standards. We do what we say, what we do, and what we say we do